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CHAOS SPAWN, Commission 08/2004

This is my first, last, and only commissioned piece. I did this Chaos Spawn for Chris Hagness. It's made of parts from seven different miniatures, lots of green stuff, and hundreds of one-hour sessions. I worked on this puppy in those rare moments my baby daughter let me sneak off to the miniatures shop.

I based the color scheme on various types of fish, with a strong pirhana influence. The critter is not attached to a base and is able to stand on its own six legs just fine.

The display base for it is a ruined shrine to Death and Blight. There are tiny little pips in some of the terrain for the mini's claws to catch so it can keep its dynamic pose.

Many photos were taken of the entire development of this project. I am currently writing a "how I did it" tutorial for later posting. In the meantime, you can look over the nasty beast and try to guess which parts came from what, and just what bitz went into that base.

Front view, showing those dazzling white teeth.

Right side view, showing all those OTHER teeth...

...kiss my slimey green butt!

The left side, which is assymmetrical... like Chaos SHOULD be.

For scale, here's a hapless adventurer about to be eaten.

The display base sans-critter.

Side view of the display base.

Safe and sound under the dome.

© 2002 Mike McCuen
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