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This is where the true level of my obsession becomes evident. These are photos of my miniatures workroom. This is not a storage area for miniatures- this is the workroom. Miniatures that I know I'm not going to get to are stored in pizza-box style computer component boxes. What's strewn around the room are "current" projects. Some are over ten years old. Makes you wonder what counts as "not going to get to it", doesn't it?

This is the center of my painting universe. I've spent more hours hunched atop a stool than Senator Ted Kennedy on St. Patrick's day. In front of me are my shelves of paints. I use Liquitex Acrylics and Reaper Pro Paints, mostly. To the right is my stash of FW Acrylic Inks- a must for any painter. In the blue wall bin are my "current bits", or most commonly needed thingies. I used to do conversions at this counter, but have sinced moved that to its own area. There are more figures hanging up in here than most hobby shops stock. These are my "current" projects.

Here's my main painting area. I've got ready access to my paints, brushes, water, and airbrush. I use a block of those "paper palletes" from Bienfang. They're great for mixing paint up on, and after they get totally gunked up you can rip off the sheet and start on a new one. One tip though- make sure you don't mix paint over an area that already had paint or ink on it. The paint doesn't stick to this and you might pull little chips off into your new color.

This is a shot from "painter's eye view". The pegboard to the left contains other things I need handy, as well as acting as a drying rack for in-progress figures. I have a Closet Maid shelf above me for holding boxes of figures and less used supplies.

The other half of the "painter's eye view". Look up there to the right on the Closet Maid shelf... yup! My pristine, unpainted Grenadier AD&D Gold Series figures. Ah, the good old days of asking yourself "is this skin or pants on this guy?"

Here's a better shot of the "work in progress" rack. I used little peg-mount jars to act as dust covers for pieces that have a long dry time. I don't want dust getting stuck in the tacky paint.

Three conversions in the works. One is a brain monster to be named later, the other is a walking medusa made from Reaper's Medusa and Games Workshop's Witch Elf (1993), and the cool guy at the bottom is what happens when you think Nagash looked like a stupid Mardi Gras decoration. I mean, really, the Bullwinkle float in the Macy's parade was scarier than that hokey-ass skeleton. I chopped his ass up and married his parts to a Ral Partha Molydeus and RAFM's Firedrake. Now he's Sildrotha, my RPG alter ego.

When you've got to lay down some smooth gradations on a big figure nothing compares to an Iwata Custom Micron B airbrush. Just look at the sweet job it did on this old Citadel Lava Dragon! I love this tool.

Weighing in at four and a half pounds, it's the undisputed heavyweight king of the miniatures- The Tentacled Titan, the Sultan of Slime, the Collect Caller who never heard of 1-800-Collect... The Great Cthulhu! I started him in 1996 and may finish him when the Stars Are Right.

The closet of boxed sets which I'm certain I'll get around to next weekend. Obsessive/compulsive, what's that?

...more boxed sets I'll get around to the following weekend.

...right after I paint these Lord of the Rings figures, and Fairy Meat, and Necromunda...

...then I'll need to do these Ral Partha AD&D guys and Reaper's discontinued lines... I can get that Realms of Chaos set finished that I thought I'd have done in 1989...

Oh wait! I forgot about those other blue bins! Maybe there's some stuff in there I need to get to first!

Oh wow! It's my old Alternative Armies, Citadel Talismen Figures, Ral Partha's Hot Lead Space Knights, the complete Ravenloft series, the complete AD&D series from Ral Partha, the Eternal Champion line from Citadel...

Ahem. Ok, I admit it. I'm not well. Anyone know the number to Figmentia Anonymous?

© 2002 Mike McCuen
Questions or comments? Email