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The Visions In Color gallery is a showcase of the best the Mini-Painter list has to offer. All participants are given the exact same miniature and then allowed to do whatever they want to it. At the end of the working period the results are put up on Dominic Heutelbeck's site and everyone can leave feedback for the painter.

Since this was my first VIC I thought I'd do something splashy. I also got the figure well after they'd all run out. I heartily thank Sintricat for parting with one, and dedicate this piece to her. Since I'd gotten a late start I felt a serious pressure to rush and finish this as soon as possible- hence the theme "Rising Above Time Constraints"... the somewhat anguisIed looking mage is rising above my metaphorical deadline.

I made the base out of old clock parts, brass tubing, bits from a dead VCR, some resin cast skulls, a Confrontation Light Familiar, a resin Coffin for the back, and sculpy. I designed the entire thing to fit in a nice glass dome. After sawing off the base of the figure I drilled a 1/16" hole into her cloak from the bottom to accept a piece of reinforced copper rod. I painted the figure separately using a mixture of Golden Airbrush acrylics, Reaper Pro-Paints, and Flourescent Liquitex Acrylics.

The base was painted with Holbein Airbrush Colors over a primer of Citadel Black. For the "Crackle" effect on the green gears I sprayed Citadel Black Primer over still-wet White primer. The black dried faster and pulled apart as the white layer dried. This made white "veins" show through. When I airbrushed the transparent greens over top, it made a nice effect.

The "Veridgris" effect on the small gear-skulls and the cherub/skull front piece was done by painting the pieces black, then airbrushing pure white over them from above. This is sort of like dry-brushing, only with an airbrush. After this false "light" was applied I let the white dry thoroughly then slopped on a really thinned coat of Reaper's Dragon Red. While this was wet I dragged some FW Acrylic's Gold Ink over it and let it congeal a bit. When it was 1/4 dry I dragged a wet brush across and judiciously wiped off paint here and there. When that coat was almost dry I applied a thick wash of FW Acrylic Inks Sap Green and let that congeal. While that was still tacky I brushed on more gold ink. After the entire mess dried I drybrushed a few pure gold highlights onto the pieces.

The base also has Flourescent colors mixed into it, and the entire thing really gets psychedelic under a UV light.

This was a lot of fun and I got to experiment and explore. I'm looking forward to the next one... let's see... a broken refrigerator, a corkscrew, and a vacuum tube... yeah, I can make something here....

© 2002 Mike McCuen
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